Disputes and Litigation

Powers & Neal takes a different approach to disputes and litigation than many others.  We don’t want there to be a dispute.  But some time you might find yourself in the middle of a dispute and wonder what to do next.  The best thing you can do: find a resolution.   That’s where we come in.

Powers & Neal represent a wide range of clients in disputes litigation.  We understand that disputes can be extremely stressful for individuals.  We know that sometimes a person just needs to tell their side of the story or have a strong advocate in their corner.  Other times one may need a zealous representative in court.  Arizona attorney John Powers can be your advocate throughout any dispute.  Whether it’s letter writing, a dispute outside of a forum, potential mediation, arbitration or a lawsuit in court, we can help.   Call attorney John Powers at (480) 699-7992 to discuss your dispute, and more importantly the potential resolutions.