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December 4, 2018

Plan Your Estate and Protect Your Family

Protect Your Family With an Estate Plan Overview In the event of incapacitation or death (God forbid), it is important that you have named who willRead More
August 8, 2014
Estate Planning

When Is It Time to Change Your Estate Plan?

Getting a estate plan in place is a great way to protect yourself, your family and your legacy.  When you completed your plan, it reflected aRead More
July 16, 2014
Why Do We Procrastinate Estate Planning?

Why Do We Procrastinate Estate Planning?

Numerous studies show that unfortunately, the majority of people haven’t completed their estate plans.  While most people will admit that they know they need to createRead More
March 24, 2014
When Is The Best Time To Plan Your Estate?

When Is The Best Time To Plan Your Estate?

Many people only starting thinking about estate planning once they reach retirement age. After all, the “normal” progression of life is to get out of school,Read More
November 22, 2013
Benefits of Having a Power of Attorney for Your Finances

What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

What is a Power of Attorney? A Power of Attorney (“POA”) is a document someone signs (the “principal”) giving someone else (the “agent”) authority to doRead More
November 1, 2013
Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes

Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes

As an estate planning attorney, I hear stories every day about common estate planning mistakes and their consequences.  Mistakes can vary, but often result in someoneRead More
August 3, 2013
What is a Power of Attorney?

What is a Power of Attorney?

Question:  Someone told me I should have a power of attorney.  I don’t know what that is.  Do I need one? Answer: You should have aRead More
July 31, 2013

Young Adults Need Estate Planning Too

Estate Planning for Young Adults is Critical Although it may surprise some people, once a child turns 18 their parents lose the legal ability to makeRead More
July 31, 2013

8 Estate Planning Things to Do Before You Travel

Before taking any trip, most people create a “to-do list” of things they have put off and want to take care of before they leave. HereRead More
July 30, 2013

An Estate Plan for Cinderella’s Parents

I saw Cinderella for the first time with my daughter recently, and though I (and likely you) were familiar with the outline of the story, weRead More