Estate Planning

June 23, 2015
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Living Will

Question: What is a Living Will? Answer: a Living Will is a healthcare document that specifies your wishes in an end-of-life situation.  Not to be confusedRead More
April 20, 2015
Diana, Princess of Wales

A Peek into Princess Diana’s Will

While everyone, including myself, has caught Royal Baby Fever-itis just in time for the second Royal Baby, estate planner all over the United States are buzzingRead More
April 6, 2015
Young Adults Shopper Marketing Technology

25 and Alive

I am 25, single, no kids, just finished law school—meaning I have little to zero assets of my own, and recently began working for Powers &Read More
April 6, 2015
Robin Williams

Robin Williams Estate Disputes Continue to Fester Among Wife, Children

Unlike some other celebrities, Robin Williams created a detailed estate plan so that his children and second wife, Susan Schneider Williams would avoid any bitter familyRead More
April 6, 2015
Dean Smith

Dean Smith Leaves $200 to Every Player He Coached

Dean Smith–University of North Carolina Basketball Coach for 34 Years—-Leaves $200 To Every Player He Coached The Trustee of the Dean E. Smith Revocable Trust sentRead More
March 25, 2015
Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs

When planning for loved ones, don’t forget to include your furry friends.  As our love for our pets reaches new heights, estate planning for pets hasRead More
March 5, 2015
Yellow Cactus

Beneficiary Deeds vs. Other Deeds

Question:  How is an Arizona Beneficiary Deed different from any other Arizona deed? Answer:  When most people think of a deed, they think of the typicalRead More
September 11, 2014

Dancing With Distribution – Per Stirpes vs. Per Capita

By: Alexus C. Hirsh, law clerk When reading over an estate plan, terms such as per stirpes and per capita distribution often appear. These terms describe differentRead More
August 8, 2014
Estate Planning

When Is It Time to Change Your Estate Plan?

Getting a estate plan in place is a great way to protect yourself, your family and your legacy.  When you completed your plan, it reflected aRead More
July 16, 2014
Why Do We Procrastinate Estate Planning?

Why Do We Procrastinate Estate Planning?

Numerous studies show that unfortunately, the majority of people haven’t completed their estate plans.  While most people will admit that they know they need to createRead More