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March 5, 2015
Yellow Cactus

Beneficiary Deeds vs. Other Deeds

Question:  How is an Arizona Beneficiary Deed different from any other Arizona deed? Answer:  When most people think of a deed, they think of the typicalRead More
January 6, 2015

Address Change and Upcoming Merger: Powers & Neal

We have moved office locations!  Our new address is: 6730 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 290 Scottsdale, Arizona 85253 We are also excited to announce that weRead More
November 4, 2014
5 Things You Need to Know About Inherited Retirement Accounts

5 Things You Need to Know About Inherited Retirement Accounts

We often get questions about what will happen to a person’s retirement account after they pass.  Since one’s retirement account is often one of the largestRead More
September 29, 2014
Archive of Old Probate Books

Does My LLC Need An Operating Agreement?

Question: I want to form an Arizona LLC.  I know I need to file articles of organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission, but do I needRead More
September 11, 2014

Dancing With Distribution – Per Stirpes vs. Per Capita

By: Alexus C. Hirsh, law clerk When reading over an estate plan, terms such as per stirpes and per capita distribution often appear. These terms describe differentRead More
August 12, 2014
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IRS Releases New Form 1023EZ

This summer, the IRS finally released the much anticipated Form 1023EZ, otherwise known as the Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of theRead More
August 8, 2014
Estate Planning

When Is It Time to Change Your Estate Plan?

Getting a estate plan in place is a great way to protect yourself, your family and your legacy.  When you completed your plan, it reflected aRead More
July 16, 2014
Why Do We Procrastinate Estate Planning?

Why Do We Procrastinate Estate Planning?

Numerous studies show that unfortunately, the majority of people haven’t completed their estate plans.  While most people will admit that they know they need to createRead More
June 26, 2014
Last Will and Testament

More heirs wait as wills dole out money slowly

(Reuters) – When Juliann Reynolds’ husband died of cancer in 1992, she had to decide how to plan her own estate. The now-retired speech therapist fromRead More
May 28, 2014
Piggy Bank

$59 trillion to go to heirs, charity by 2061

The greatest wealth transfer in history is underway, according to a new report. A study from the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy projects thatRead More